Roy-Gutierrez_50209Weight loss frustrations – When you hit a weight loss plateau it is time to go back to the drawing board and do a total evaluation. Are you eating more calories than you think? Should you increase the number of workout sessions you are doing per week? Can you exercise at a slightly higher level of intensity? What you did initially may have worked
but now your body needs more exercise or less food or both. Unless you have a medical problem it all comes down to energy balance between calories consumed versus calories expended. If before you needed 2000 calories, now maybe you can get by with 1600 to 1800 calories.

Getting to the next fitness level – Making a decision to change your program is your only hope to continue making progress. You cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results. For example, what you did in high school is not the same as what you need to do in college.

Lowering your calories may not be the best option as your body will need the nutrients from food to keep you healthy. The alternative is to exercise harder, longer or a little of both. Your workouts should build in intensity slowly to avoid injuries. It is also necessary to rest properly between workouts to prevent over training. Monitor what type of foods you eat to get the most out of calories consumed. Eat foods that are nutrient rich. Minimize empty, nutritionally bankrupt foods as much as possible. Keep track of how hard you are exercising and plan on upgrading accordingly if your weight reaches a plateau.

You should only weigh yourself once every two weeks and if your weight is the same for two weigh ins, it may be time to kick it up a notch. You can also adjust your calories downward as your body weight drops. The exception is that you have energy for your exercise. If your energy is low, keep the calories up. Your body will use the calories if your workouts are more difficult than they were at the start of your diet and exercise program. A twenty minute exercise session is now a forty minute workout. You are now walking one mile in fifteen minutes instead of twenty minutes. You were only able to do three push-ups at the start and now you can do ten.

This is how you should train for weight loss success. Know what you did three months ago so you can compare to what your are doing today. You are not only reducing your body weight in fat, but you are also creating more lean muscles. The increase in lean muscles will burn more calories even when you are sleeping. Your family and friends will think you lost a lot more weight that you actually did.

No more weight loss plateaus – If you follow the information you are reading here you will break through your weight loss plateau when it attempts to slow you down. Knowing what to do is the trick. Your body is trying to give you a clue that you are on the right track but you must stay alert. Do not allow yourself to become frustrated and revert back to old habits. Your hard work and efforts are to be commended. Stay on the path to success. You will win at losing weight.

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